Happy Birthday to Me

Inevitably in the month of September, I always buy myself a birthday gift.  Is that wrong?  But, I always really NEED it, whatever “it” is. Here is what I got myself this year:   An awesome 20 quart, stainless steel pot for canning!  I am already in love with this pot! It replaces this pot,Continue reading “Happy Birthday to Me”

Farmers Market Leftovers

Occasionally I get asked the question, “What do you do with the produce you don’t sell at market?”  Of course a good portion of it goes to friends and family, we also donate some to the local food pantries, but I also like using our “leftovers” in such projects as these: Roasted Garlic Pasta SauceContinue reading “Farmers Market Leftovers”

Strawberry and Mixed-Berry Jam

I am slowly but surely getting better at jam and jelly making.  Granted, I haven’t practiced a lot, because we are just now starting to get enough fruit to process.  But I have practice quite a big on jalapeno jelly, and last summer, with tomato jam (it is delicious … trust me). Now, I amContinue reading “Strawberry and Mixed-Berry Jam”