Strawberry and Mixed-Berry Jam

I am slowly but surely getting better at jam and jelly making.  Granted, I haven’t practiced a lot, because we are just now starting to get enough fruit to process.  But I have practice quite a big on jalapeno jelly, and last summer, with tomato jam (it is delicious … trust me).

Now, I am tackling berry jams.  Most recently, Strawberry Jam and Mixed Berry Jam, using our own strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.

3.25.13 002

They are both delicious, as only homemade jam can be, but I think I prefer the mixed berry jam, as it isn’t quite as sweet.  Trying to capture the beautiful color in this picture … didn’t really work.  🙂

However, the next time I make jam, I am going to try a trick I just learned for getting that pesky foam off the top … adding 1/2 t. butter to the recipe.  Has anyone else tried this?  Does it work?


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