Happy Birthday to Me

Inevitably in the month of September, I always buy myself a birthday gift.  Is that wrong?  But, I always really NEED it, whatever “it” is.

Here is what I got myself this year:

9.11.13 019


An awesome 20 quart, stainless steel pot for canning!  I am already in love with this pot!

9.11.13 020

It replaces this pot, which I had been using … mom’s old enamel canning pot.  It has seen better days, as you can tell.  It has now been relegated to the out-of-doors.  I see a worm of some sort has already claimed it as home.  Gross.

9.11.13 021

Knew I needed a new pot for all of these apples.

9.11.13 022

One batch of applesauce – DONE!

9.11.13 023

More applesauce and apple butter to come later this fall.

9.11.13 018


With the expansion of our family this summer, I haven’t done much canning – just a little corn salsa, my pasta sauce, some pickled okra, and now applesauce.  Hopefully the tomatoes will hold out, and I can can all the way up to November!

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