Knitter’s Block

Has anyone else ever experienced knitter’s block?  It’s the strangest thing.  And I’ve only ever had it the two times I have been pregnant.

Last year, when NOT pregnant, I knitted everything under the SUN.  Sweaters, toys, baby hats (I think I made no less than a dozen hats for friends and friends of friends), baby dresses, afghans (okay, so the afghan didn’t get finished, but only because I got pregnant right after I started it! … see? … Knitter’s block).

Now that I am pregnant, I just can’t knit a darn thing.  Now is when I should be knitting up a storm, making all sorts of cute things before our little girl’s arrival in July.  But again … nothing.

I bought yarn awhile back to make her a tomato hat (because how funny would THAT be?!)

Haven’t even gotten the yarn out of the bag.

Yesterday, bound and determined to break the block, I went to iYarn and bought some creamy, lightweight DK yarn to make a dress for baby girl, using the same pattern I used for Miss Rylee.  Here is that cute little dress:

8.13.12 049

This was easily one of my favorite knitting projects ever.  I thought the lace would be difficult, but I loved it!  Maybe my new yarn paired with this delightful pattern will break my knitter’s block.

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