Stocking up

Been spending some time recently getting stocked up on products we sell at Christmas time.  Today, that meant a batch of beeswax lip balm and hand balm. I started making these for one simple reason … I don’t like waste.  When we started keeping bees, we all of a sudden had a large supply ofContinue reading “Stocking up”

Raising Cashmere Goats

We have been growing and developing our herd of cashmere-producing goats for a number of years now.  When we bought our first four goats, we had no idea how much we would end up enjoying them.  We now have close to forty with more babies on the way. And there is nothing cuter than aContinue reading “Raising Cashmere Goats”

Year in Review

I never have as much time as I would like to write about our farm.  I always have a running list in my mind of the things I WANT to write about.  Only a small percentage of those make it here. So, as the year winds down, I thought I would go through some highlightsContinue reading “Year in Review”

No More Knitter’s Block

Back in May, I wrote about how I was experiencing knitter’s block.  I am happy to report that my knitter’s block is finally gone, Shortly after Willa was born, I panicked, realizing that I didn’t have a single knitted item for her to wear in her newborn pictures.  So, the day before her picture session,Continue reading “No More Knitter’s Block”

Knitter’s Block

Has anyone else ever experienced knitter’s block?  It’s the strangest thing.  And I’ve only ever had it the two times I have been pregnant. Last year, when NOT pregnant, I knitted everything under the SUN.  Sweaters, toys, baby hats (I think I made no less than a dozen hats for friends and friends of friends),Continue reading “Knitter’s Block”