Spring News from the Farm

Happy Spring! Things are popping up all over the place now that the weather is warming up. We have had freshly harvested lettuce, spinach, and carrots available each week at the farm store since January. We hope to soon have asparagus available. Make sure to check facebook for updates about what we have coming each week!

Now Hiring!

We are hiring! The following positions are currently available:

Sales at the Werner Creek Farm Store – very part-time and flexible. Perfect for the person with some extra time on their hands who likes to be around people! Positions available immediately.

Farm Workers – will help with planting and harvesting produce and maintenance of crops along with helping on expansion projects. Positions available starting in May. Part-time to full-time available during the summer months.

If you are interested, please email me at sarah@wernercreekfarm.com

Building Projects

We are just finishing up construction on a new, small high tunnel, called a caterpillar tunnel.

It used to be that we used high tunnels strictly to get an early start on the growing season. The more we have used them, the more we see additional benefit to growing under cover: we can control water input so plants aren’t overwatered in a big rain, resulting in cracked produce, we can shade the plants in brutal heat like last year by adding shade cloth to the structures, and we can extend the season later in the year with a bit of heat.

Upcoming Events

April 14 – National Gardening Day! We have thinned out our gardening book home library, and our loss is your gain! That week at the store (April 13-15) we will have used gardening and farm books for sale for pennies!

April 29 – Werner Creek Farm’s 15th Anniversary weekend! We mark the “official” start of our farm as day construction began on our house. April 30, 2008 was when our house construction began, and so began our journey to here.

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we are having 15% off ALL sales on April 29th at the farm store! We will also have refreshments that day to share with our friends and customers!

May 5 – Cinco de Mayo! Be watching facebook for a chips and salsa special!

May 14 – Mother’s Day – We have spring gift baskets made up that would make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts! We also now offer GIFT CERTIFICATES at the farm store.

Parting Advice from the Farm

Instead of leaving you with a quote, I thought I’d share a few sweet pictures from the past few weeks and the sound advice they offer:

Leave sweet notes for people you love, nap like a farm cat sleeping by the fire, and frolic like a farm girl in the woods with her dog.

From Sarah at Werner Creek Farm

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