Naming What Matters

One of my favorite podcasters, Kendra Adachi of The Lazy Genius, frequently encourages listeners to “name what matters.” Her point is always that one can’t make decisions or prioritize tasks until we name what matters most to us right here, right now.

I try to do this as we enter each new stretch of time or season- name what matters to us as a family, to our farm, and in our lives.

During this time – roughly October through January- after the hectic spring and summer on our farm, what matters to us as a farm family is to kind of go quiet for awhile. To allow ourselves to breath, to not have to make our top priorities all things to do with the farm.

All this means is you might not hear from us as often during this stretch. We take a break from social media for a bit. We go for more walks and pull less weeds. We sit and watch more sunsets together on the back patio.

We are still growing things this time of year, but not under pressure or at such a crazy pace. We grow vegetables this time of year simply for the joy of growing things and eating delicious food straight out of the ground.

Bruce picked these radishes last night and made me my first-ever radish sandwich …. “just like Papa Roger makes.” It was delicious, and my new favorite snack. Maybe I’ll try again this winter to get better at baking sandwich bread to improve this snack even more.

Or maybe I’ll just read a book by the fire, instead.
Our main farm focus this time of year is continuing to provide our value-added products for customers to purchase as Christmas gifts.

Christmas order form link can be found in the menu above.

We will be having a small Christmas Shopping event at the farm on Saturday, December 11 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Come and purchase items and have your gift baskets custom made for you that day. Complimentary Christmas cookies, fudge and other goodies will be provided! One lucky shopper that day will win a Deluxe gift basket, pictured below.

A note about our shopping evening – our farm store is simple …. nothing will be fancy or heavily decorated for Christmas …. unfinished farm projects will be all around. In short, we invite you to our farm for this event and want you to come knowing that you are seeing our farm “as is.” 🙂

For those who have been wanting to see our new processing kitchen, it will be open for all who want to take a peek inside.

Or, if what matters to you right now is simply taking some time to breath, we invite you out to the farm to meet some of our favorite farm animals, or just to enjoy a quiet walk to the stone bridge.

“A walk in nature, walks the soul back home.” – Mary Davis

Merry Christmas, friends!

From Sarah at Werner Creek Farm

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