Exciting News

We have some really exciting news to finally share! We were blessed beyond measure to receive a grant through the Kansas Department of Commerce to build a value-added processing facility!

Here is our new building shortly after it was finished this winter, sitting snug right up next to our barn house.

And here’s our new building just last Friday, in full-swing as it is most of the time right now! It’s a family affair!

Half of the building is a kitchen, dedicated to expanding our value-added products. It’s a process to get all of the certifications and approvals in place, but we plan to have new products to sell by next summer! Our list of products for approval include:

Pasta Sauce

Sweet Hot Sauce

Dill Pickles

Bread and Butter Pickles

Pickled Okra

What other value-added products should we consider? We would love to hear from our customers on this!

The other half of the building is dedicated to produce storage and sorting – a definite upgrade from our living room!

We have not even had a chance to catch our breath since finding out we received this grant until now. But this building is a game-changer for us and our farm – a huge leap that we likely wouldn’t have taken on our own. We can’t WAIT to see what comes next and how our farm will expand with this new addition!

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