Circle of Life …

As much as I hate, hate, HATE it, the reality of life on a farm with lots of animals is that we frequently have to deal with death.

We lost our Dusty cat last week.  He was the first animal we added on our farm.  Or I guess technically he just “showed up,”  as if to say, “Here I am.  Let’s get this farm STARTED.”

Jan. 30 052

He appeared when we were just making plans to build – no buildings, no gardens, just lots of mud and weeds (okay, well, we still have that).

But then we had Dusty.

6.8.08 004

Look at the scrawny little guy – more than 6 years ago.

6.8.08 018

He was our “camper cat.”  For a cat, he was pretty good at unconditional love.

6.8.08 017

Mar 7 003 CSC_0077 July 09 011 Jan. 30 043

Feb 7 041

Rest in peace, old friend.  We miss you already.

2 thoughts on “Circle of Life …

  1. So Sorry… I know an animal, but really a great friend to your family and farm beginnings. Always hard to loose a special pet.

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