Farm Day Camp

Last week, we got the chance to be a stop on the Cowley County Farm Bureau’s Farm Day Camp.  Ten kids came out and learned about beekeeping, vegetable growing, picked berries, herded goats, sampled tomato jam and more.


Learning about beekeeping


Keeping a safe distance from the hives


Gearing up!


Meeting Ruby the pig, who is set to have babies any day.


Learning about tomato plants


Raspberries and strawberries were ripe for the picking!


The kids got to help move Petunia and Sophie to their new pen … back in with the other goats.


The goats seem to like the new “rock mountain” feature Gage added to their pen.


All of the kids got to plant a sunflower and watermelon to take home



Despite the heat, we had a great time with these kiddos!

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