Honey Harvest

9.2.13 015

Our bees are doing quite well.  Wwe weren’t supposed to be able to harvest any honey from our bees this year, since we split our one hive into multiple hives this spring.  But apparently it was a good year for honey.  Gage recently harvested around 200 pounds of honey from our 10 hives (really from just nine of the ten, as we just acquired one, so there is no honey on that one yet).

We have been selling honey at farmers market the past few weeks, and I think folks are glad to have local honey back at the market.  🙂 It has been a popular item!

9.2.13 007

The honey extracting process …. or whatever you call it … is pretty interesting.  We now also have a lot of beeswax, which I plan to use at some point for lip balm and hand salves.  Maybe we will start a new product line … Bruce’s Bees?  🙂

Gage also has some honey wine – mead – in the works.  Stay tuned!

9.2.13 006

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