Baby Chicks


So, apparently Rooster Cogburn is doing his job.  And one of our old hens did her job and actually began sitting on the eggs!  I was still skeptical, don’t ask me why.  I just didn’t think we would get any chicks.

Imagine my surprise when I was walking past the chicken coop last week and heard a tiny “Cheep!”  I peaked in, and sure enough, two tiny chicks were following their mama around!  Gage moved the hen, chicks, and the rest of the eggs into a separate coop, hoping she would hatch the rest.  But she was too distracted with caring for her two new babies, and didn’t get any more (actually a few more hatched, but didn’t survive).

In any case, we are all pretty pleased with this tiny miracle!  I’m sure we will get even more chicks the next time around.  🙂

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