Fruits of our Labor (Pun intended)

One of the hardest parts about starting a new farm, is having patience while valuable plants get establish.

I’m not known for my patience.

Luckily, Gage has more foresight than I, and convinced me that we needed to invest a lot in fruit and berry plants in our first few years.  I was astonished a few weeks ago when we were mapping the orchard to realize that we have nearly 60 fruit trees.  Yes, SIXTY.  I was thinking we had 20, maybe 30 … but 60??  Now I’m just scared.

What in the heck are we going to do when they ALL begin producing??

Open a “You-Pick” operation, perhaps??


In any case, this is the first spring where it looks like we will have more than a handful of fruit.  We only have a few established blueberry bushes, but they are covered in fruit.


The raspberries have pretty much taken over the front yard.  But once again … covered in fruit!  I think we might actually have enough to take to market this year.


A few peaches, pears and apples are making an appearance.


Cherries!  We have two little trees just COVERED in cherries this year!


The grape vines are looking great …


… and covered with buds about to blossom.


This is an aronia berry bush.  Gage harvested a handful of aronia berries last year and used them to make a pear/aronia wine that was To. Die. For.  Since he drank the last bottle while I was pregnant, I have made him SWEAR he will make more this summer.  🙂

Looks like our patience is finally paying off!  We will have plenty of fruit to enjoy this summer, and even enough to share!

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