Trial and Error in the Werner High Tunnels

It never fails.  No matter how much we read, study, talk to other farmers, attend workshops … when we finally get into a new venture, I ALWAYS feel like we have no idea what we are doing.  Thankfully, luck is usually on our side, and we tend to muddle through at least semi-successfully.

We planted our first crop in the high tunnel.  96 tomato plants.  The forecast for the next two weeks was clear and warm.  We thought we were golden.

And then it snowed.

And the temperature dropped to 20 degrees.

And we panicked.

But somehow, those hardly little suckers survived!

3.25.13 005

Of course it didn’t hurt that my industrious husband and father-in-law spent and entire day rigging up row covers with jugs of warm water underneath.

There is always SOME experiment going on at our place.

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