Minor Setback

Some might say spring had a minor setback this weekend. DSC_0285 We got a pile of snow at the farm. DSC_0266 The goats venturing out to say hi.  And yes, that monster with his head over the fence is our tiny Jack Jack puppy.  Hi Jack Jack!DSC_0251 The bees are all snug in their hives, waiting out this winter storm DSC_0275 While there were plenty of things we would have liked to have been working on this weekend, it was kind of nice to have a slow, snowy weekend. And boy was it a pretty snow! DSC_0279 The grapvines, all pruned and ready for the season, still sleeping beneath a layer of snow. IMG_20150225_055050556 But look!  Tomato seedlings all warm and toasty inside the house. So, see?  Spring is on it’s way. Just a minor setback.