Higher Ground

There was a showdown in our front yard this morning.  Dusty cat and Milo both vying for the “throne.”

2013-06-11_06-27-46_996  2013-06-11_06-27-59_744

I didn’t stick around long enough to see who won.  🙂


Great First Market

We sure enjoyed being back at farmers market this weekend!  What a great first crowd for an early start to the year!  It will be a few more weeks before we have anything substantial to sell, but we were happy to be there, none-the-less.


Thornless blackberry plants and homemade jam were popular items!



As I was walking out the door to head to market, this sleepy, fuzzy head popped out of a new bee box Gage had just completed on the porch.  Milo, what will the bees think of their new home smelling like a cat’s bed??

Milo – Then and Now

Last May, we got this adorable, fluffy, TINY little kitten from the humane society.  We named him Milo.   2012-05-23_18-54-41_327

Cute, right?



So tiny!


So adorable!


“Um, son?  That’s not how we pick up cats …”



That’s better.  🙂

What the humane society failed to tell us was that said kitten was a mutant.  Destined to become a giant.



We are glad he has made us his family, even if he is an abnormally large cat.  He brings a lot of entertainment to our days!