Baby Chicks!


So, apparently Rooster Cogburn is doing his job.  And one of our old hens did her job and actually began sitting on the eggs!  I was still skeptical, don’t ask me why.  I just didn’t think we would get any chicks.

Imagine my surprise when I was walking past the chicken coop last week and heard a tiny “Cheep!”  I peaked in, and sure enough, two tiny chicks were following their mama around!  Gage moved the hen, chicks, and the rest of the eggs into a separate coop, hoping she would hatch the rest.  But she was too distracted with caring for her two new babies, and didn’t get any more (actually a few more hatched, but didn’t survive).

In any case, we are all pretty pleased with this tiny miracle!  I’m sure we will get even more chicks the next time around.  🙂


Rooster Cogburn

We have introduced a new animal to our farm … Rooster Cogburn!  Hopefully, our hens aren’t too old to learn some new tricks, and will turn out to be sitters!  If not, we have an incubator on standby.

It would be great to have some baby chicks this year, especially since our chicken numbers have dwindled to five.  DSC_0108

It would also be great if we finally got around to building that permanent chicken coop we have been talking about.  Maybe NEXT spring …  🙂