First Freeze


This is what our tomato field looked like hours before the first freeze.


… And here is what it looked like the next morning.  Good thing we picked all the tomatoes!


And here is what the high tunnel looked like after it got down to 28 degrees – warm and balmy inside!  Amazing!

Looks like we will have tomatoes a while longer.



This is What the End of the Season Looks Like …

This it what it looks like on a vegetable farm hours before the first forecasted freeze:DSC_0400[1]

We picked a few tomatoes.


Oh, and here’s a few more …


And oh look!  There are some over here …


You get the idea.  🙂  Tomatoes anyone?

Summertime Vegetables in full-swing



Once the summer really gets underway, I find that I have very little time to blog – primarily because vegetables are taking up a lot of time.

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes!  The heirlooms have finally arrived!  Black Krims Cherokee Purples, Brandywines, Mortgage Lifters, Amana Oranges, and more are now available.  Can’t wait to share these with people at farmers market in the morning!

We also still have cucumbers and a few summer squash.  Winter squash (butternut and spaghetti) will be available soon.  Our okra is sloooooow this summer.  And the deer like the okra plants.  A lot.  Don’t hold your breath for the okra.

But tomatoes … boy, do we have tomatoes.  🙂

(Thanks to the Ark City Traveler for taking this great photo of our veggies!)


Vegetable time almost here!

Vegetable time is almost here!  We have picked the first few tomatoes from the high tunnel, including this beauty, here.  Probably won’t be enough for farmers market tomorrow, but hopefully by next week, we will have enough to share.


It took great restraint to not gobble this up on the spot.


We will have a few summer squash at market, though – tiny, sweet pattypans.


Zucchini almost ready to pick


Gage says there are a few cucumbers ready, too, but I am skeptical.  You almost have to squint to see them here.


Another tomato, blushing on the vine, almost ready to pick!  Get ready!

And Baby Makes … a Dozen!

So two nights ago, we increased the number of creatures on our farm by 11.  Ruby had eleven baby pigs … that’s right, ELEVEN.  Actually, there were twelve, but one was still born.  Not bad for a first time mama!


Cute little baby pigs!


Good job, Ruby!  So far, she has been a great mama.  So, now we have a dozen pigs.

We will be taking deposits in a month or so from folks who would like a whole of a half of a hog this fall.




Ark City Farmers Market today

While our fresh veggies are not quite ready, we will still be at the Ark City Farm and Art Market today from 4:30 – 6:30 pm.


We will have thornless blackberry bushes, chocolate mint plants, pecans, and homemade jams and jellies.


New this week, we have wine grape jelly and cherry jam.  We also still have a few jars of delicious blackberry jam left, and some tomato jam left.  Tomato jam has been our most popular seller this spring.

Check back for an update on vegetables coming SOON!

Farm Day Camp

Last week, we got the chance to be a stop on the Cowley County Farm Bureau’s Farm Day Camp.  Ten kids came out and learned about beekeeping, vegetable growing, picked berries, herded goats, sampled tomato jam and more.


Learning about beekeeping


Keeping a safe distance from the hives


Gearing up!


Meeting Ruby the pig, who is set to have babies any day.


Learning about tomato plants


Raspberries and strawberries were ripe for the picking!


The kids got to help move Petunia and Sophie to their new pen … back in with the other goats.


The goats seem to like the new “rock mountain” feature Gage added to their pen.


All of the kids got to plant a sunflower and watermelon to take home



Despite the heat, we had a great time with these kiddos!