Our Prayers for a Killing Frost … Answered!

That may seem like a strange thing to pray for, but I think every market farmer – and one point or another in late summer/early fall – just wants it to be OVER.  Well, it was over for us last Friday night, when we finally got a killing frost.  I went out to the tomatoContinue reading “Our Prayers for a Killing Frost … Answered!”

Tomatoes – Coming SOON!

Picked these beautiful tomatoes from the garden just this morning!  Would have enough to sell at market on Saturday if …. if only I could figure out what to do about the stinkbugs and/or tomato fruit worms eating almost all of our tomatoes!!!  What a year for tomatoes … it has been quite a trialContinue reading “Tomatoes – Coming SOON!”

High Tunnel Experiments

It kind of feels like this whole season with the high tunnel has been an experiment.  Most of them have been scary, but most of them have also worked.  Here is the latest experiment: Removing the plastic. Is this normally done?  We have no idea.  Are other people in our area doing it?  Don’t know.Continue reading “High Tunnel Experiments”

Harvest Coming Soon!

It’s exciting to walk around and see how much is growing.  Soon we will have: Cucumbers (okay, this is a bad picture … there really is a cucumber in there, just look in the shadows!) Green beans (behind the cucumbers!) This tomato happens to be a Brandywine – the KING of heirloom tomatoes! Cherokee PurpleContinue reading “Harvest Coming Soon!”