Losing Control …

We agreed we weren’t getting ANY more animals.  Not for awhile anyway.

But, just one more goat, he said.  This may be the last crop of really good cashmeres, he said.  Bruce and  will just run over and pick out one little goat, he said.



Two hours later, this is what I see.

Never in a million years, did I dream that I would be the voice of reason when it came to animals.


In hindsight, I think the mistake was letting my son go along to help pick out A goat.




But they are pretty cute …  🙂

Uh oh …

We may have ended up with a new dog last week.


Meet Jack Jack.  He’s pretty awesome.


Gage brought him home on trial.  It took about .3 seconds to convince me we needed him.


Jack was an add-on with this guy.  We had planned to get this guy – a little black spanish/cashmere buck.  His name is Salvador Perez.  🙂  In tribute to our Royals.

Jack Jack comes from two livestock guardian dogs – his mother is a great pyranese, his father is a komondor/anatolian cross.  Probably not a bad idea to have a livestock guardian as our goat herd expands.

So that puts our animal tally at:

Two dogs

Four cats

Five goats

Nine pigs

That puts us at a solid TWENTY.  I think that might be the cap.

For now …….


And the Herd Grows …

We have added to our goad herd with four Black Spanish goats.  They are SO CUTE.  We got these particular goats because they have been bred specifically for their cashmere wool.  So, this spring, we will be able to harvest some of their fleece.


These two particular goats were bottle-raised, so they are super-friendly.  Bruce just loves them!  The black one is Sophie (I think …. not totally set on that name yet), and the little rust-colored one is Petunia.  Or as Bruce calls her, “Tuna.”  Tuna the Goat.  Yep, that’s right.  🙂

12.2.13 017

We have a little work to do, taming down these two.  The one in the back is Double Stuff, because she is the fuzziest, and the other one doesn’t have a name yet.  Maybe Queenie?  Just not sure.  We have been discussing naming her Queenie, as she seems to be challenging Gertrude for the “queen bee” post.

Remember Gertrude, the wayward goat we took in?  Turns out she’s kind of a jerk.  Not to people, but boy is she mean to our little fuzzy baby goats.  I think we are going to have to build a separate pen for her.

12.2.13 011

Hi Tuna!  Whatcha doin’?


Playing with the goats during Christmas vacation is fun!


(And yes, my son is wearing snow boots, heavy coat, and footie pajamas.  Don’t judge me.)


Queenie trying to decide if she is brave enough to come see us.


We love our fuzzy little goats!!