Milo – Then and Now

Last May, we got this adorable, fluffy, TINY little kitten from the humane society.  We named him Milo.   2012-05-23_18-54-41_327

Cute, right?


So tiny!


So adorable!


“Um, son?  That’s not how we pick up cats …”


That’s better.  🙂

What the humane society failed to tell us was that said kitten was a mutant.  Destined to become a giant.


We are glad he has made us his family, even if he is an abnormally large cat.  He brings a lot of entertainment to our days!

Rooster Cogburn

We have introduced a new animal to our farm … Rooster Cogburn.  Hopefully, our hens aren’t too old to learn some new tricks, and will turn out to be sitters.  If not, we have an incubator on standby.

It would be great to have some baby chicks this year, especially since our chicken numbers have dwindled to five.  DSC_0108

It would also be great if we finally got around to building that permanent chicken coop we have been talking about.  Maybe NEXT spring …  🙂


We planted 100 new strawberry plants this spring, all in raised tubs, so they are just the right height for picking!

3.25.13 016

Right now, we are getting a couple of big, fat, juicy strawberries each day.  Hopefully we will have enough in a week or so to share at market, but it might be a little lean this year.  Especially with a three year old around who loooooves berries.

3.25.13 019

I guess I should specify they are the perfect picking height for grown-ups … sorry buddy!

Pan Fried Spinach


I made this delicious (and easy!) recipe from The Pioneer Woman many times this spring.  Basically all you do is add 2-3 Tablespoons of olive oil to the skillet, add TONS of freshly minced garlic, heap the skillet with fresh spinach (and I mean HEAP … it really cooks down!), and cook for less than a minute.  I should be just starting to wilt, but a tiny bit crispy.  Add a little salt and YUM!  Got a healthy does of iron many times from this little gem!

Spring Pigs

These little butterballs seem to be living the high life right now.  With all of the cafeteria scraps Gage has been bringing them, they appear to be in hog heaven.  Yep, I think they plan to enjoy this summer whole hog.3.25.13 021

3.25.13 022

Okay, okay, enough puns.  🙂  But honestly, I have NEVER seen pigs get so fat, so fast!  These little (er, not so little) oinkers have almost tripled in size since we got them about 6 weeks ago.

3.25.13 024

And yes, they even like Johnson grass!  Pigs after my own heart!  Eat all the stinkin’ Johnson grass you want.


Here are the little guys a week or so after we got them.

It’s nice to have pigs again this year, after taking a year off!