Our spring kohlrabi is coming along nicely.  Hope to have some for market in early June.

3.25.13 017

Our kohlrabi did’t do well last year, since spring was so HOT, but I think we will have a crop this year.  Looking forward to some simple, cooked Kohlrabi.


Cooked Kohlrabi

Peel skin from kohlrabi (kohlrabi smaller than 3 inches in diameter, you can leave skin on).  Cut into 1-inch cubes.  For approximately one pound of kohlrabi, add ¼ – ½ cup water and a few tablespoons of butter*.  Cook in microwave for around 10 minutes, or until tender.

*I add a sprinkling of sugar (½ – 1 T.)  before microwaving.  OR you can season with salt and pepper, and then top with parmesan cheese after microwaving.

July 8, 2011 009

Knitter’s Block

Has anyone else ever experienced knitter’s block?  It’s the strangest thing.  And I’ve only ever had it the two times I have been pregnant.

Last year, when NOT pregnant, I knitted everything under the SUN.  Sweaters, toys, baby hats (I think I made no less than a dozen hats for friends and friends of friends), baby dresses, afghans (okay, so the afghan didn’t get finished, but only because I got pregnant right after I started it! … see? … Knitter’s block).

Now that I am pregnant, I just can’t knit a darn thing.  Now is when I should be knitting up a storm, making all sorts of cute things before our little girl’s arrival in July.  But again … nothing.

I bought yarn awhile back to make her a tomato hat (because how funny would THAT be?!)

Haven’t even gotten the yarn out of the bag.

Yesterday, bound and determined to break the block, I went to iYarn and bought some creamy, lightweight DK yarn to make a dress for baby girl, using the same pattern I used for Miss Rylee.  Here is that cute little dress:

8.13.12 049

This was easily one of my favorite knitting projects ever.  I thought the lace would be difficult, but I loved it!  Maybe my new yarn paired with this delightful pattern will break my knitter’s block.


We have a new pig.  Her name is Ruby.

3.25.13 029

She is barely more than a baby.  Ruby is living in Koda’s pen right now, because there is no WAY our pig pens would keep her in!

We are hoping to keep her and breed her, if she turns out to be a good one!3.25.13 027

Her favorite pastime? … burrowing under the straw in the dog house.  🙂DSC_0017

Ruby’s first act as our new pig?  … volunteering in last week’s YP Cowley Kiss the Pig Contest.  She wasn’t so sure about Dennis, our lucky winner, from Citizen’s Bank of Kansas.  And I know Dennis wasn’t so sure about her.  But he was a great sport!DSC_0018

Strawberry and Mixed-Berry Jam

I am slowly but surely getting better at jam and jelly making.  Granted, I haven’t practiced a lot, because we are just now starting to get enough fruit to process.  But I have practice quite a big on jalapeno jelly, and last summer, with tomato jam (it is delicious … trust me).

Now, I am tackling berry jams.  Most recently, Strawberry Jam and Mixed Berry Jam, using our own strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.

3.25.13 002

They are both delicious, as only homemade jam can be, but I think I prefer the mixed berry jam, as it isn’t quite as sweet.  Trying to capture the beautiful color in this picture … didn’t really work.  🙂

However, the next time I make jam, I am going to try a trick I just learned for getting that pesky foam off the top … adding 1/2 t. butter to the recipe.  Has anyone else tried this?  Does it work?