Planting Time


We had planned to plant our high tunnel tomatoes this past weekend, but with the forecast for Sunday night a measly 23 degrees, we decided it was too risky.  (And it did indeed get down to 23 last night.)

So tonight was the night.  We got three of the four rows planted …. Whew!  That was some quick planting!


Okay, so it looks darker in this picture than it really was, but we were out there at sunset.


We got the black mulch down on Saturday, and our jugs filled with water, so we were just all ready to plant.  Now, just pray for warm nights!!

Jam Making

When I decided to take on jam-making last weekend, I really had no concept of just how many berries were left in our freezer.  I mean, we certainly ate our fair share of fresh berries last summer, and Gage has made plenty in to wine, but …

… here is the tip of the iceberg …IMG_20140308_075333068

I didn’t even get through this mess, and there is still a PILE of grapes in the freezer.  Not the mention the tomatoes, for tomato jam.

I guess my weekend of jam making is going to be more like a month of jam making.

This time around, I made the traditional strawberry jam (which turned out a little gummy, to be perfectly honest … too much pectin, I guess), but I also tried blackberry jam and raspberry jam for the first time.  The raspberry jam is good, but the blackberry jam is AWESOME.  Definitely making more of that yummy goodness!

3.11.14 011

Blackberry Jam and Strawberry Jam

3.11.14 012

Raspberry Jam.  You can find these recipes in my post here.  I used the mixed berry jam recipe for the blackberry and raspberry jams, and it worked great.

Still can’t wait to see how the frozen tomatoes do as tomato jam.  Yum!

Coming Along Nicely


Our little seedlings … well they’re looking more like PLANTS than seedlings … are loving life in their warm little seed box – in front of the wood stove – in our living room.

I still have a small glimmer of hope that we might be able to plant in the high tunnel next weekend, but we’ve got quite a bit of warming up to do before then.  Boy that’s going to be a shock to those little seedlings!  We better do a little bit of hardening off before then.

In the meantime, jelly making is on the docket for this weekend.  Gotta use up all of the berries in the freezer before spring!  And the tomatoes, too.  I have a sneaking suspicion that all of those frozen tomatoes will be perfect for tomato jam.  Stay tuned …